Chinchilla Care – Tips on Housing, Feeding and Grooming

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Chinchillas are part of a particular animal’s category along with Degu. Unlike many wild animals, chinchillas can be great pets. In this article you can find various essential issues that need considering before owning a small animal pet companion.

Chinchilla Cage

The chinchilla cage is normally the calm and safe space where you will keep a newly purchased animal pet. The house can provide your small-sized rodent enough space for sleeping and having fun. Generally the pet’s accommodation is made of durable material. The ideal chinchilla cage will have to be sized big enough featuring 2 or 3 levels, enough access doors, three or four racks.

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Once you have purchased a cage for your nocturnal exotic pet consider buying some highly recommended appliances that should be attached to the accommodation. Among them are : a drinking water container, snacks dish, toys, a litter box, a wooden living space plus a sand bath tub.

One additional essential thing to know for sure is the quality of the daily diet and the number of times it requires to be supplied.

Organically produced timothy grass is known as the dominant thing of the nocturnal exotic animal diet regime. Diet items with significant levels of fibers, for instance plants can be perfect to treat your family furry specie.

Chinchillas additionally count on organically grown crops mainly because these natural products are beneficial for their dental health. The vegetation is required to be serious amount of their common diet. Pellets made for rodents which contain nutritional ingredients, are often perfect for your small rodent pet.

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You can add some raisins, seeds, and nuts to the food. Last but not least keep in mind that insufficient consumption of drinking water results in life-threatening health concerns.

Dust Bath

Rolling in pumice powder is not only a necessity but pleasure for this tiny creature. wellbeing. The chinchilla has an intuition to roll around in dust powder instead of take a shower. This helps it to take care of loose hair and hairballs. Every chinchilla owner should consider purchasing a special bowand natural powder. These products are an element of the supplies list.

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Chinchillas are charming miniature wild animals that come together quickly with people. Just be tolerant and as well supporting.


Chinchillas are full of energy wild animals. After sunset they need to run and play outside the caged environment. Please note that all dangerous materials should be moved from the recreation space. Make certain that poisonous compounds are hidden.